Sunshine Coast Trail – Day 9 Troughbridge Hut

I had a little time at 7 AM to write a note while the kids were still sleeping.  And it was time for more reflection and to gather my thoughts on the hike thus far.

  • Trail is moderate to strenuous with some difficult sections up the mountains.
  • The huts make the experience so enjoyable that we didn’t even miss having campfires.
  • The combination of having huts to ourselves (4) and sharing huts (3) was perfect!  I still marvel at how quiet it is on the trail.
  • Food planning has been good; we have extra food – 1 breakfast; 1 dinner; did not have to ration snacks this time.


  • Trail Mix – cranberries, chocolate chips, raisins, peanuts, banana chips (awesome!)
  • Too much of any food gets tiring; not excited about eating mashed potatoes and eggs again!

I am very proud of the kids.  They are completely busting the hiking.  I talk to them like equals on the hike when we are making decisions.  It’s been a great experience of them growing up, having real opinions and sharing logical insight.


They have both loved reading the maps and they both remember so many details it’s fantastic.

We got started hiking at 915 AM.  The hike for the first 7 or 8 km was a relatively tame uphill.  The last section before Elephant Lake and then up to the top was difficult but not rocky.  In our opinion, it was easier than the Tin Hat Mountain climb.


The first section of the trail was obviously used for mountain biking as well so I had to get some pictures for my mountain biking friends.




The tired little teddy bear along our route.  What happened to his eye! 😉


This fantastic bridge was built as a memorial to one of the great PRPAWS volunteers who died prematurely.


On this section of trail it felt like we were in a race.   I thought it was going to be a long day but we were finished in just under 3 hours getting to the Troughbridge Hut at 1210 PM at a pace of 4.46 km/hr including a short snack break.






When we got to the hut I thought I had just finished a race and I could collapse.  It was that fast!  We fell in the door of the hut (no literally) and met a couple from Vancouver.  They seemed very tired from their hike from Saltery Bay the previous day.


The husband had hiked extensively and he shared his experiences on the trail from 2011 and told us about few other hikes I’d like to try.  I had so many questions.

I love meeting people who have experienced other hikes.  It’s the main reason I’m writing this report.  I want to inspire others to try the trail (with or without kids) and other hikes.  It is such a great experience.


After talking with them for a while I made our 3rd go at the Mr. Noodle lunch with dehydrated vegetables and chicken.  It still tasted great!


After eating we were excited to check out Jocelyn Pond for a swim.  The pond is located a couple hundred yards from the hut.  When we were approaching the hut we saw a dried out pond and I was concerned we would not have access to water.  That was another wetland area.

The pond was good for swimming and getting drinking water.  The top layer was very warm and the bottom layers were cool.  It was refreshing but far from bone chilling and I am a cold water wimp.

The kids found they could use some floating wood as a raft and they had a blast paddling around.


And there were more wild blueberries to sample everywhere.   I could even reach them from the hammock where I had a great rest while watching the kids swim.


I remembered again to snap a picture of our log book entry.

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