Juan de Fuca – Day 5 & 6 Chin to China Beach – (20 km)

Camping at Chin Beach was fine. It wasn’t our favourite spot because of the aforementioned busyness and the tree sap.  But those are pretty minor inconveniences.

There were also 3 groups that had fires during the campfire ban. I found this really annoying. The 2 groups were responsible about it and had it on the beach and close to the tide line. The other ones were dumb. I didn’t get all concerned citizen on them I just answered the kid’s answers directly.

“Yes, that’s really stupid. They are risking the forest, our lives and the firefighters.”

After the oatmeal breakfast we got started at 842. Our plan that day was to go from Chin Beach back to Bear Beach and then hike out the following morning.


But after 3 hours and 12 minutes we had completed 10 km and it wasn’t lunch yet so we wanted to keep going. Somewhere around 7 km into our trip that day we decided we were going 18 km all the way to Mystic.

We could have hiked right out but we had no where to camp that night and all the provincial places would be booked. Also, I had already paid to camp so it made sense to finish on the trail.


By this point in our hiking we didn’t have any lunch food left but we had our snack rations so we ate a big snack at Bear and carried on to Mystic.


By 230 PM we had finished our hike at Mystic and were surprised by the amount of people at Mystic. It was Saturday so most of them were day hikers. We managed to snag a spot just as someone left. It wasn’t great but it was good enough. The kids were desperate to set up the hammock and the managed to rig up a system that worked…even under my weight.


This this the view of me hanging out in the hammock as the kids went down the beach to check out the famous rope swing. This rope swing is hanging down about 50 feet from a tree that is hanging over the bank. I have no idea how someone got out there to tie it up. But, they have created hours of fun for everyone.

The famous Mystic Beach swing.



We decided on our hike that someone could have hike the whole trail in one day if they started at 4 AM with headlamps and just snacked all day long. Hmm, probably not me.

I love you guys!

We also played with this swing on the other end of the beach.


This is my stove setup. The stove is the MEC variety. It’s great for it’s compact size but I’ve grown to hate these canisters. I knew this when I bought it but I cheaped out. I wish I spent another $100 and bought the one with the bulk fuel.


That’s how much food we eat for dinner. The pot is completely full of spaghetti.

Just like camping in a provincial campground – holy people!

There were a lot of people camping that night.  It was pretty hard to even find a spot.

That night while were were walking down the beach a guy started asking us all kinds of questions about hiking with the kids. We sat down and started talking to them and had a great 2 hours. The kids played cards and my son learned how to use some devil sticks and now we want to make some for him.

While the kids were playing cards and I was talking with the people they broke out some snacks.  We were all feeling so deprived I’m surprised we didn’t grab the bag of chips and run into the bushes 😉

I thought about letting my daughter sleep in the hammock but then I got paranoid about cougars and called her into the tent. It was good that I did because it rained in the morning anyway.

On day 6 we hiked out in 30 minutes. We had a guess about how long the last km would take and I won right on the number at 13 minutes! 😉


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