Juan de Fuca – Final Thoughts

We had a great time on the JDF Trail and I recommend it despite the popularity.

Random Thoughts

  • Our vehicle was safe at the China Beach parking lot although a lot of thefts are reported.
  • Economical way to camp with children at a cost of $20/night (3).
  • Beaches are busy in the summer, particularly Mystic Beach which was packed.
  • Trail is well marked and it is hard to get lost; it follows the water the whole route.
The ocean is always close by for spectacular views.
  • There is transportation from either end of the trail using the shuttle service using the West Coast Trail Express or West Coast Shuttle.
  • The trail rating system is accurate; the most difficult section is quite challenging with a heavy pack.
  • The trail can be completed in 2 nights for fit people, but most people seemed to do 3 or 4 nights.
Easy to find a flat and spectacular camping spot.
  • Trail well maintained but expect a lot of mud; gaiters a good idea.
  • Beach sites are spectacular.
  • Loads of driftwood when campfires are permitted.
The rope swings are AWESOME!
  • No booking required, unlike the WCT.
  • Fresh water readily available.
  • Sombrio is the best camping spot, followed by Bear, Chin and Pyzant.
  • You do not need to be an expert to take on this hike.
  • 80 km was fine and we could have done the 94 km I planned.
  • There are a lot of people on the trail but it did not detract from our trip.
  • There are parts where you can fall & die; you have to be careful on these sections.
  • Get out and hike; this trip won’t kick you butt….I promise 😉


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