I’m Andrew.  I don’t know if I could call myself a hiker.  I hike and I like it but I feel that the term hiker is reserved for someone maybe a bit more hard core.

I’ve hiked many of the great hikes in the beautiful Lower Mainland of British Columbia and parts of the Whistler and Pemberton areas as well.  We live in a beautiful part of the world!

Hiking the JDF Trail

In addition to the Sunshine Coast Trail I’ve hiked The West Coast Trail and the Juan de Fuca Trail for multi-day excursions.

I am still learning the art and science of hiking.  Figuring out what to take (good food) and what not too take (too many clothes).  It’s a learning process and I love it!

In 2016, after already accomplishing several 15 km day hikes with the kids, we decided to try something more challenging.  We hiked a 90 km section of the Sunshine Coast Trail (SCT).  That gave us the confidence to go back and try to complete the whole trail in 2017.

We don’t possess any superhuman strength.  Just normal people with a lot of energy who love to be outside.

Relaxing at the Golden Stanley Hut (SCT)

I’ve written this blog to share our experience and to encourage others to get out with their kids and explore.  My other goal is to meet other families who like to explore.  Don’t be shy, contact me!


I’d love to hear your comments and share your experiences.  If you know me personally please refrain from using the kid’s names – thanks!


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