What’s in the backpack?

I know I love to learn about what to pack for a hike.  I thought I'd share what we carried on the Sunshine Coast Trail. Maybe you have ideas on what stuff to cut out or what we were missing!?  I know I could spend endless money trying to reduce my total weight. I was... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Coast Trail – Getting There

Getting to the Sunshine Coast Trail requires a bit of time and a couple of ferry rides but that's part of what makes it special.  It's still relatively undiscovered compared to hikes like the Juan de Fuca Trail and The West Coast Trail. My goal was to get to the trail for the least amount... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Coast Trail – Day 5 Tin Hat Hut

The hike from Confederation Hut to Tin Hat Hut is difficult if you skip the Fiddlehead Hut like we did. You lose the elevation gained to get to Confederation and then push up another 1300 m to one of the nicest views on the trail. Well, at least when it isn't smokey.

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